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 Extreme Smoke interview Gore Lunatics#3 1992

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Extreme Smoke interview Gore Lunatics#3 1992 Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Extreme Smoke interview Gore Lunatics#3 1992   Extreme Smoke interview Gore Lunatics#3 1992 EmptySre Okt 06, 2010 6:08 am

Extreme Smoke int.Gore Lunatics No.3 92
Q-Rumi Iwamoto
Extreme Smoke is my favorite grind/noise band.I have made an interview with the coolest guy Edi Again.Well they seemed to change their band name for Extreme smoke 57 to Extreme Smoke!!Unfortunately I have not heard their latest demo yet!!But I really used to love their demo #1 ,
demo #2,live demo a lot.Well Now their Interview.....

Hello Edi again.What is your band E.S. 57 doing recently?

-Hello Rumi.Extreme Smoke are recently working on the new stuff wich will be a little bit different than the old one.Just wait to hear it....

Are you still into tape trading?? You were the best one!!!!

-Yes im still into tape trading with some pepole but not that many than before coz unfortunately I hardly find time for this.

Have you released any new demo since your demo #2 91?

-Yeah!We released new demo in 92 wich is in my opinion more varied than the old one.I mean its not typical grind/noise sound and it contains also some techno/acid parts.Anyway it is still in some weird grind vein.Probbably this stuff will be released as 7"EP in middle of 93 but I dont want to talk about this until things are sure.

Let me hear about magazine you re making.

-To tell you the truth its not my zine.Lots of pepole are involved with this zine and I wrote just about grind noise scene.Its called the Scream and its written in slovenian language and it covers many kinds of music,#2 contains Laibach,Scorn,The Young Gods,Consolidated,Tiamat,
Meat Shits,W.B.I.,Sodom....

Do you know if Xenophobia,Fear Of Dog,T.R.B.U.H.,TMP,Patareni are still doing bands?They all were killer bands.

-Except Patareni all other bands you mentioned dont exist anymore mostly because they were from certain parts of ex-Yugo where right now fucking war is going on .Yeah you were right ,all of them were killer bands!!!

Are there any new grind/noise bands in your country?

-Some new upcoming bands from slovenia are:Fobos,Benefactor,Obscurity,Mephistopheles,Dechatolicize,No Limits.... Check them Out.

Did you release the tape(??) from Wild Rags rec.?

-It may sound strange but...No!We didnt release demo for Wild Rags Recordsand we will never.Why?Ask Richard C

Doesnt your music style change since your demo #2 91???

-As I told you before our music changed since then .I think Now its more varied but this is normal thing coz you cant play the same stuff on and on.

Did you listen to AC/DC new double live album???

-Yeah I Did and I loe it!!!(Me too - ED.)I like AC/DC,especially old stuff like Highway to hell,High voltage,Powerage and If you want blood...
(You re right all these are the best albums!! - ED) but also this new live stuff is great.

Would you trade porno video tapes with me??Ha-Ha-Ha.

-Of course I would Lets start right now..ha..ha..ha..(Yeeaahhh!! - ED)

Do you have any merchandise to sell???

-Absolutely nothing.We had T-Shirts but we sell it and now we re too lazy for made new ones.Who cares....

Anything to add.

- Thanx for your interest Rumi.Think you re cool girl.I wish you good luck and remember:Dont listen to E.S. coz are many better bands in the world!!(Why?Your Band rule - ED)Bye.!!!

Thany Edi for your nice answers.To me you re the best tape trader and nice honest guy!Also thanx a lot for your your another picture!!!!I didnt print this another one to keep your privacy of course.!!!But anyway it really turned me on!!!Hey sexy Edi send me more pictures of yourself!!!
I ll keep your picture until death!!!!!!!Anyone interested in Extreme Smoke write this nice person Edi!!Also look forward their new demo!!!!
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Extreme Smoke interview Gore Lunatics#3 1992
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