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 Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993

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Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993 Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993   Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993 EmptyPet Okt 08, 2010 4:44 am

Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993

1.Why do you think Garfy ripped you Off?(patareni last drummer)

-Yeah Garfy acted as asshole.Dont know why he enjoyed the band exactly, also whos to blame for not playin in Postojna!?!

2.Do you now find a complete line-up?

-I have never had a complete lineup.

3.You started sometime in 1983.Can you tell us some story of Patareni from those Days?Was it good scene?

-Uf YU scene ruled in 83/84/85...its better to say Slovenija/Ljubljana scene ruled but at last each bigger city had some good bands as:Distress,Stres D.A.,Odpadki Civilizacije,2 Minuta Mržnje,Tožibabe,Quood Massacre, Proces,Giuseppe Carabino,K.Z.V.,Z.R.M.,Generacija Bez Mozga,Solunski Front,Besposličari,Mentalni Nered.....

4.Tell us some stupid story about Hogar.

-Uf,there was allways some artificial hate between Hogar and me and since last few months we made some sort of friendship deal to try to forget hate,so dont want to write about it.Also Im too lazy for anything.

5.What do you think about Slobodan Milošević?

-Miloševič is an asshole,but know how to use his head.He is a big fucking actor.

6.When will you end your university and wich is this university?

-Im eternal student,and if it happens to make it over Ill be tehnican engineer ha,ha,ha...

7.Two months ago you played in Germany.How It was?Do you have some problems/meet any interesting pepole/any record offers?

-We had nice times in Germany.We re dissapointed of Abo Alsleben coz of lot stupid things he did,also toxic missed 300DEM.We meet lot of cool pepole, especially "out of scene" and they are great pepole with clean minds.Selfcalled "scenestars" sucked, media is in the hands of assholes!Its reality.Yeah we got some offers for some records....

8.Its a stupid question but anyway.. why Patareni exist so long? Tell us a secret.

-We re too preety to live and to ugly to die!Its a secret why we exist so long.

9.Can we expect another CD from Patareni/Buka?

-Buka 187 trax CD should be out soon,also Patareni 2nd CD included Pat/Buka LP & some unreleased trax & live in Berlin & Debilana Sessions & maybe as a bonus UBR Corpus Delicti 7".

10.Do Patareni have much female fans?

-Yeah we got two female fans,a dog and a papiga.(woow-ed.)

11.OK thats the end.What do you want to tell to all Krull readers?

-See you soon Boco and thanx for your help about practicin with some Patareni members.Cmok to our porno manager Edi and thanx to Miha and Mojca.
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Patareni Interview TheKrull#1 zine 1993
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