Former Yugoslavian Hardcore
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 IN FROM THE COLD & THE SOCKS, D.R.U.M. Bar Velika Plana

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Datum upisa : 19.09.2011

PočaljiNaslov: IN FROM THE COLD & THE SOCKS, D.R.U.M. Bar Velika Plana   Ned Avg 11, 2013 1:10 am

Bendovi IN FROM THE COLD i THE SOCKS nastupiće u bašti DRUM Bara (preko puta autobuske stanice u Velikoj Plani) u subotu 17. avgusta. Početak koncerta je najavljen za 22h, a ulaz košta 100 din.
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In From The Cold was formed in the beginning of 2007. The founding members were Jimi Triple B & Count Boris. Jimi always wanted to have a band like this. In 1999 he jammed "The Gambler" song with a couple of friends, but nothing serious came out... About 8 years later he wrote a few more songs and invited Boris for a jam session. It worked out great! Through the next two years, during various sessions, "Anxiety Fix" EP was completed and, soon after, "Ghostsong" EP. Now they're kind of an all-star line up with pretty experienced musicians: Adimiron (Stone To Flesh, Bombarder), Mr.Shomer (Vox Populi, Spitback), Jimi 3B (Hang, Drawbacks, FC Apatride UTD, Hitman, Eraserhead) & Sleepy (Full Size, FakeFreedom, Worg). During the next couple o' years In From The Cold shared stage with some great bands like Cathedral, Bombarder, Karma To Burn, The Ocean, Stonebride, Seven That Spells, Kozeljnik... In the begining of 2011. Grom Records released the double CD compilation album and IFTC made their appearence with the song "The Prime" recorded exclusively for this release! At the end of the summer of 2011, "From Within & With Many Names" song appeared on the 2CD compilation "Eastern Doomination", released by Doom Metal Front zine, Germany. In September 2011. Mr. Shomer left the band for personal issues and was replaced by Mirko (Trough Art). The new album, entitled "Mythy stories & the Sewer Lullabies", coming very soon!!!

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Gathered as a band during the summer of 2007, their main reason for dealing with music in the beginnings was simply having lots of fun through playing. Soon, as they matured, the music matured. In some way the approach changed, in some stayed pretty much the same. Spreading positive message, preaching peace and harmony between all Jah children and enlightening the path for those who need light is the main philosophy engrained in their lyrics... After two demo recordings, The Socks managed to complete their first LP titled "New Wind" in 2011. During past few years they played shows like Trenchtown Festival (Palić), KST Maskenbal (Belgrade), Summertime Festival (Leposavić), Timeout Festival (Bela Crkva) and countless underground gigs all around the country. Also, they shared stage with names like Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Hornsman Coyote, ZAA, Ludak u Razvoju, Lost Propelleros, Bvana iz Lagune, Samostalni Referenti, So Sabi, Proces, Ringišpil...

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